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Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in Agriculture, Blyth, Business, Central Huron, Clinton, Creative Economy, North Huron | 0 comments

Blyth-area girl wins farm writing award

CLINTON — Blyth-area student Marion Studhalter was presented with the Paul Beingessner Award for Excellence in Writing last week at the annual general meeting of the Huron chapter of the National Farmers Union in Clinton. Studhalter was awarded by Huron NFU President Tony McQuail and Huron Director Thea Trick.

There are two annual literary prizes established by the National Farmers Union to honour Paul Beingessner for his rural and agricultural journalism. Beingessner was killed in a tragic farm accident in the spring of 2009.

Marion took the prize for the 15 and under age class with her essay “Co-operatives preserve Family Farms, Co-operatives — An exercise in Democracy”. She described her family’s experience in the pig business and the pressure on smaller farms which lead them to switch to milking goats and joining the Ontario Goat Co-operative.

From the Citizen, November 15, 2012