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Blyth’s Queens Bakery to host ‘Group of 8’ art show

Blyth’s Queens Bakery to host ‘Group of 8’ art show

Queens Bakery employee is shown hanging a painting on a wall in the bakery

Setting up: Queens Bakery employee Averly Kikkert, shown here hanging a painting, has had curator added to her job description for the next few weeks as the first of what organizers hope will be an annual art show is set to begin Feb. 4. The show features local talent and paintings of all sizes and price-points. (Denny Scott photo)

BLYTH — The Queens Bakery in Blyth is opening its doors and walls to an art show early next month to show off the skill of local artists.

The business, which has a long-standing practice of featuring local artists on its walls, will be hosting an art show  on Feb. 4 from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., though the pieces will be visible long in advance of that date.

“We have 25 pieces up right now, and at least another four pieces to come in,” Queens Bakery co-owner Les Cook said. “We should have 30 pieces from eight artists by the time the show arrives.”

The artists confirmed so far are Jerry McDonnell, Anne Laviolette, Scott Ramsay, William Creighton, Michele Miller, Jane Stryker, Madeleine Roske and Elfi Enns.

The pieces vary widely in both size and prize, ranging from 8” by 10” up to 36” by 48” and starting at $150 and going up to $1,200.

“We have a little bit of everything as far as styles go,” Cook said. “We have abstract, still-life, nature scenes, farm scenery, photography and sketches. Some are framed and some are unframed.”

Cook said that the bakery has always appreciated having local artists to feature and said it gives the business a chance to have rotating art.

“[The art] is changing all the time so it can really show what local artists are capable of,” he said. “Some of it is for sale, while some of it is just for show.”

During a discussion among Cook, Miller and Roske, it was decided that the bakery would make a good place for an art show.

“Part of what makes the bakery a good place, according to the artists, is the walls,” Cook said. “The brick walls give a good backdrop for such a diverse group of paintings. Coloured walls or even white walls can affect how a painting looks in contrast.”

The bakery is hosting the event, however, to benefit the artists there is no charge for the artists to participate and no percentage taken from sales.

Cook said he hopes to make the art show an annual event, if not more often, and said that when the art in the show goes out, more new, local art will take its place.

Pieces can be bought by cash or cheque and the pieces will remain up in the bakery until the end of March. For more information, contact the Queens Bakery at 226-523-9720 or find them on Facebook.


From the Citizen, January 29, 2016